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Super Team

SBC Billet Cylinder Heads

Another AJPE creation designed to withstand the rigors of severe engine use and abuse in a Nitro Methane, Blown Alcohol, Nitrous Oxide, and Turbocharged engine combinations.

  AJPE Billet Small Block Chevy Cylinder Head


The AJPE Billet Small Block Chevy cylinder head has been setting records and winning championships since its conception back in 2000 Designed to withstand conditions a cast cylinder head will not survive in...symmetrical ports, one piece rocker stand, and 6016-T6 material all add up to a small block Chevy cylinder head that’s nearly impossible to destroy.


Standard Features Include:

  • 53cc   Chamber volume (Optional 63cc "Open Chamber" available)
  • 2.250” Intake Valve (11/32 stem diameter)
  • 1.650” Exhaust Valve (11/32 stem diameter)
  • 55° Intake and Exhaust Seat Angles.
  • Accepts 7/16 diameter pushrods with offset lifters
  • Copper alloy Intake and Exhaust seat material.
  • Steel Valve Guides with Bronze liners.
  • O-Ringed Intake ports for optimum seal and ease of assembly.
  • Decks machined for O-Ring wire with +.013 protrusion above deck.
  • Accepts 1.670 triple springs. (2.200 installed height with +.100 retainer)
  • 7/16 head studs with steel hat washers installed.
  • All head studs are accessible from the top of the cylinder head.
  • Manifold can remain in place when removing cylinder heads from engine for ease of service.
  • Machined to accept 14mm x .750 reach, “Gasket style” 13/16 hex spark plugs.
  • 4.125 minimum bore diameter
  • High Strength, Made in the USA 6061-T651 Aluminum Billet material.
  • 100% CNC Ported for AJPE Accuracy, Performance & Consistency.
  • Supplied completely finished ready to assemble out of the box.


***Requires AJPE Billet SBC Rocker Assembly, Manifold, and Valve Covers***




 2.250 Intake Valve
344cc   4.125 Bore
(#03 program)














 1.650 Exhaust Valve
114cc   4.125 Bore
(#03 program)





















All flow tests performed on Super Flow 1020 @ 28”, Exhaust tested w/ 2.250” od. pipe.

01C-100  AJPE SBC Billet Cylinder Heads, bare. CNC ported, Copper valve seats, .051" x .015" x 4.375" OD O-Ring Wire. Includes Intake port & rocker girdle O-rings (pair)

01C-100-JH  AJPE SBC Billet Cylinder Heads, bare. CNC ported, Copper valve seats, Jr Hoops. Includes Intake port & rocker girdle O-rings (pair)