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Super Team

481-X Stage I Cylinder Heads

The most sought after GM style engine platform that thrives in severe duty blown and turbo charged alcohol engine environments…Superior Strength, Durability and Performance, has propelled the AJPE 481-X to the winners circle.

  AJPE  Stage I 481-X Cylinder Head


The 481-X cylinder head is in a class all its own. It is part of the purebred 481-X drag race engine designed by Alan Johnson and his AJPE technicians to be the ultimate wedge style engine package in turbo or supercharged alcohol applications. With its bullet proof valve train design and ease of serviceability makes this combination the choice of top level engine builders and racers throughout the world.


Standard Features Include:

  • 73cc Chamber volume
  • 2.400” Intake Valve (11/32 stem diameter)
  • 1.900” Exhaust Valve (11/32 stem diameter)
  • Copper alloy Intake and Exhaust seats.
  • Steel Valve Guides with Bronze liners.
  • O-Ringed Intake ports for optimum seal and ease of assembly.
  • Decks machined for AJPE designed Jr Hoops.
  • Bare cylinder head weight 43 lbs.
  • Accepts 1.670 triple springs. (2.200 installed height with +.100 retainer)
  • ½” head studs with steel hat washers installed.
  • Accepts AJPE Stage I and II Pistons, Header flanges, Valve covers, Rocker assembly, & Intake manifolds.
  • All head studs are accessible from the top of the cylinder head. No inner head studs to deal with.
  • Manifold can remain in place when removing cylinder heads from engine for ease of service.
  • Machined to accept 14mm x .750 reach, “Gasket style” 13/16 hex spark plugs.
  • High Strength, Made in the USA 6061-T651 Aluminum Billet material.
  • 100% CNC Ported for AJPE Accuracy, Performance & Consistency.
  • Supplied completely finished ready to assemble out of the box.


2.400 Intake Valve
517cc   4.500 Bore
1.900 Exhaust Valve
199cc   4.500 Bore








 All flow tests performed on Super Flow 1020 @ 28”, Exhaust tested w/ 2.500” od. pipe. 


01B-001-06   481-X Stage 1 Billet Cylinder Heads, 55° Valve seats. Program #06. Bare, CNC ported ready to assemble. (without Girdle Plates) (pair)