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Super Team

Proline Racing uses AJPE Hemi Power to rule Pro-Modified in Las Vegas

STG 4 Head-1


Santa Maria, CA –

The basis to any great engine program is the foundation from which it is built.

Proline Racing is showing the way by using AJPE blocks and Stage 4 Muscle heads as the foundation to their turbocharged Hemi engine packages. Qualifying 1, 2, & 3 and running low ET in every round of eliminations and winning the Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas, proves again that well designed parts assembled and tuned in correct form is a winning formula.

AJPE congratulates…Sidnei Frigo, Michael Biehle, and Troy Coughlin, for qualifying # 1, 2, & 3 respectively and Troy Coughlin & Steve Petty for winning the NHRA J&A Services Pro-Modified Drag Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. All three teams use AJPE Hemi blocks, Stage 4 Muscle heads & Rocker Assemblies

AJPE Hemi blocks are offered in various deck, bore, cam & lifter configurations, and heads in several valve & port sizes to fit numerous engine combinations

AJPE tested, track proven engine packages will help you earn your place in the winner’s circle too.

See you at the track,